How Well Do You Know Yourself?

To be successful, you need to know your why, your value, and have a strong personal brand. Your personal brand influences whether someone works with you, hires you, and most importantly, trusts you. And guess what? Every single one of us has a personal brand. You either own it or someone else owns it for you. Owning Your Personal Brand explores stories, successes and failures, of personal brand journeys from leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Join host, Amie Thompson every week as she explores the personal brand journeys of her guests who use their personal brands to elevate their business. If you are ready to start focusing on your brand, don’t miss an episode!

Owning Your Personal Brand - Weekly live stream

Past Episodes

You should educate and empower yourself if you are ready to get serious about your brand. It’s ok to start small, just get started. To help you on your journey, check out the videos below to watch replays of the Livestream. Learn from experts in leadership, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Next, you can learn more about personal branding by visiting the blog. Finally, if you prefer an audio-only experience, head over to Anchor to listen to the podcast.

Personal Branding In Academia

Personal branding is not just for entrepreneurs or corporate professionals. In fact, it’s extremely important for anyone in academia to separate their brand from the brand of their institution. This week, we talk with Greg

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Social Media and Personal Branding

Social media and personal branding go hand in hand. But which channels should you be on and what should you post are common questions for anyone just getting started. This week, Jennifer Radke from the

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Personal Branding Tips For Gamers

The gaming industry has changed drastically over the years but female gamers and gamers are still in the minority. Personal branding in gaming is needed to stand out and formally highlight your unique value in

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