Hi, I'm Amie Thompson,

I can help you get your brand seen and attract the right customers with proven digital marketing strategies.


About Me

A CEO who has stepped out of her comfort zone to become a true leader.

I am passionate about what I do: getting your brand seen. And while design and strategy are incredibly important, the key isn’t just in creating a beautiful logo or in coming up with the perfect slogan…the key is YOU. My passion lies in helping people find and develop unshakeable confidence in themselves and their businesses, in helping them identify the factors about them that are unique and valuable, and in helping them tell their stories in authentic and attainable ways. 

We all have a story, a mountain we have climbed, and things we have learned along the way. I can help you take your story to the next level, and to turn it into something tangible that grows your business and your brand. 

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Branding Tips For Entrepreneurs

Branding and Identity Tips For Entrepreneurs

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